Group Activities

Most of the activities here can been used as fun and effective team building activities for communication, collaboration, strategy planning and off course trust. But what does that mean?

For all ages young and old, building confidence, working together, problem solving, building awareness of others and having fun together is important. Working on these elements can strengthen relationships, encourage new ideas, empower individuals, and increase job satisfaction.

We can offer various different team building games like Team Ski, Blind Assault Course, Blind sheep herding, tug of war and blind mine field. Also many of our other activities are really good for team building, mudrunning, crate climbing, archery, fishing and orienteering.

Team Ski is great fun and a lot of laughs, but it really necessitates good planning and collaborative work. You need a minimum of 2 to move the ski and all movements have to be coordinated to allow the ski to move. Teams need to move the ski forwards, backward and round obstacles. In planning the activity the team need to work out the best way to get their entire team across the course, sharing the work equally. Some team members will find this activity much more difficult than others so finding ways to encourage and support all members is imperative.

Blindfold games are always interesting and challenging for teams. Great for team building, communication and problem solving. With Blind sheep not only are the main group blind folded, but they also have to think of a way of communicating without using words. Therefore there needs to be a good planning element to the activity, to work out the communication and they all need to collaborate to achieve their end goal.

Likewise the blind assault course and mine field really encourages the participants to work together, to really consider the effectiveness of their communication.

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The cost is from £150 for groups of up to 10 participants for 1 hour although smaller groups will be considered.


Catering for your group can also be provided at an additional charge. Various catering options are available, from packed lunches from £5.00 per head, to lunch in the dining room at the castle, details on request.

For more information call Adity 07840822177

Castle dining room and hall is available for an additional £150

Hire of Gala tent (4mx8m) available for £60 per day.

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