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Crate Climbing

Looking for something different for a group activity or team building then talk to us about Crate Climbing for your corporate event or fun activity.

Crate climbing requires sense of adventure, balance and team work.

Once securely harnessed, your team mates hand up crates to build the stack. You have to keep your balance whilst moving up to the next crate in the stack.

See how high you can go compared to your team mates or the other team.

Ideal team activity to harness a culture of trust, support and encouragement.

Want to take trust to the next level, there is also the opportunity to participate in belaying the climber. This really encourages team cohesion as the teams’ safety is in each others’ hands.

Crate Climbing can be done on a single stack or a double stack of crates depending of the level of challenge required.

For more information and availability please email activities@craufurdland.co.uk


From £150 for a group of up to 10 people.​

For more information call Craufurdland Activities on 01560 600569


email activities@craufurdland.co.uk


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