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Craufurdland Outdoor Fitness


4 types of Classes

Max 10 in class

Book online only

Forest Fit

Combination of interval training and circuits out in the peaceful woodlands of the Craufurdland Estate.


High-intensity interval training,  a great way to exercise to get results when you’re short of time. great for physical and mental wellbeing.

Trail Fit

Combination of trail running and interval training combined with circuit training,  ideal for building stamina and strength in the peaceful woodlands of Craufurdland Estate.

Army Style Bootcamp

Let’s mix it up and go for it, a combination of all the types of classes, what will instructor have in store for you today.


“A wee pair of gloves go a long way in the winter months” advises Suzzane one of out PT’s

Whether it’s to get fit for life or for the next big race, come and improve your strength and fitness in the great outdoors. What more could you want for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Craufurdland Fitness is suitable for all levels, “you are your own competition” and the small class sizes adds to the motivation and encouragement, it’s like having your own PT.

Enjoy the beauty of the woodlands, and get fit in a new and exciting fitness regime using nature to make you your natural best.


Only £5 per person per session.


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