Houison History

  1. John ‘Jock’ Houison, was a burgess in Edinburgh in 1450, succeeded by his son,
  2. James Houison had a charter of Cramond-Regis in 1465, succeeded by his son,
  3. George Houison, was witness to a sasine of Sir John Boubray of the lands of Colcairny, to his Uncle, William Moubray, ancestor of the present family. He was succeeded by his son,
  4. Andrew Houison of Cramond-Regis, had charter dated 10th February 1555, married to Elizabeth Bathgate, and was succeeded by his son,
  5. John Houison of Braehead, in Cramond Regis, had a charter dated 13th December 1575. He married Janet Moubray, daughter of Alexander Moubray in Dalmeny. He had a son, Alexander, his successor, and a daughter Elizabeth. He died in 1618.
  6. Alexander Houison of Braehead, had a son James to his wife, a daughter of Haldane of Saughton.
  7. James Houison of Braehead, married Alison Ramsay of Blackcraig. They had six children, but only their son Alexander, and daughter Agnes survived to adulthood. He died in 1680, and is buried at Cramond.
  8. Alexander Houison of Braehead married Martha Young of Craigleith, in 1664. He had several children, of whom only his son survived to adulthood and had issue.
  9. William Houison of Braehead married Margaret Mitchel of Alderstone, by whom he had seven children, of whom only his eldest son and successor, one daughter survived. He died in 1729 aged 63.
  10. John Houison of Braehead married Elizabeth Craufurd of Craufurdland, joining our two ancient families. He was succeeded, as was his wife, by daughter Elizabeth.
  11. Elizabeth Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead, the only representation of these two ancient families, which up until her mother, had both been in the male line. Elizabeth married the Rev James Moody, who assumes the name of James Houison Moody Craufurd, to who she had seven children. Their sons were: 1) John, who died in infancy; 2) Alexander, born in 1780, dying aged 16 in 1796; 3) William, who succeeded his parents. William had four sisters: 1) Elizabeth Beatrix who died in infancy; 2) Margaret, Elizabeth, who died in infancy;and 4) Isabella. Elizabeth, savour of Craufurdland, died on 1st April 1823, succeeded by her son William.
  12. William Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead, married in 1808 to Janet Esther Whyte, only daughter of James Whyte of Newmains and his wife Esther Craufurd (mentioned above, whose father was a lineal male descendent of William, the third son of John Craufurd of Craufurdland and Janet Cunninghame. John and Janet were William’s Great, great, great, great Grandparents.)
  13. William and Janet had three children, a son John Reginald, and two daughters, Elizabeth Constantia, and Winifred Janet
  14. John Reginald Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead married Mary Hamilton, by whom he had two sons, Reginald and Archibald.
  15. Reginald Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead married Emily Maud Hassard, but they did not have any children and after Reginald’s death, Maud passed the estate onto her nephew, John Douglas, son of Reginald’s younger brother Archibald and his wife Nelly Dalrymple Hays (the author’s great grandparents).
  16. John Douglas Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead, married Irene Marlow, and they had two children John Peter, and Barbara.
  17. (John) Peter Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead, was the 28th laird, and saw the Castle modernised extensively inside. He married Caroline Helen Berry, daughter of Lionel Berry, Viscount Kemsley. They have three children, two sons: 1) Alexander, 2) Simon, and daughter Tessa. Alexander is married to Christine Gray, and they have two daughters, Katie and Elisabeth. Tessa is married to Christopher Geall, and they have one son Jack, and three daughters, Sophie, Rosie and Poppy. Simon is married to Adity Priyadarshini, and has two daughters, Indra and Manisha.
  18. Simon Douglas Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead, is the 29th laird. He and Adity have further modernised the castle, using the ‘Towerhouse’ as a luxury self-catering apartment for upto 16, and continue to renovate and restore the castle.

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