About Us

Here at Craufurdland we are driven by FOUR very important words which are the drive behind almost everything we do 


Family means a lot at Craufurdland: 

  • the Houison Craufurd family, have lived here for nearly 800 years  
  • we are a real family business, with Simon, and his wife Adity running the estate, and Simon’s brother, Alex also working on the estate.  You’ll also find Simon and Adity’s daughters, Indra and Manisha working in the Laird’s Table 
  • all the people who work at Craufurdland are like an extended family 
  • all of our businesses from Laird’s Table, to Outdoor Activities, Self-Catering at the Castle and even the Woodland Burial Ground, are all focused on providing the best for families 


  • Craufurdland is a place of nature, so explore. 
  • Our activities offer all sorts of adventure, high, low, skilled, unskilled, muddy and clean 
  • Growing up here, the Laird had lots of adventures and you’re welcome to have your own adventures here 
  • It may be a cliché, but LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE 


  • Once you enter the Craufurdland estate, you will find a natural peace, a tranquillity 
  • Using tranquillity as a guide, we try to avoid activities that will overly disturb the tranquillity 
  • Enjoy tranquillity in the Laird’s Table over-looking the lochan, resting within the Towerhouse Self-catering, or remembering a loved one at the Woodland Burial Ground 


  • It’s very simple, there’s lots to discover.  Craufurdland isn’t full of formal paths or trails, so why not find your own little undiscovered corner of Craufurdland (but please respect the privacy of those who live here too). 

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