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Instructor-led Adventure Mud Runs

Muddy Mayhem and Lots of Laughs

Want a fun team building, fund raising event or a muddy party?

Get together a group and we will take you on a run around the estate, through woodlands, over rivers, round fields, up banks, down hills and through the mud. The run is bespoke to the fitness level of the group and how adventurous you are all feeling.

The led mud runs are the ultimate in team-building activities. With upto 10 people in each group, our instructors will lead the group, guiding them through the varied terrain and assign a participant to be a backmarker. The group needs to stay together, keep each other going, support all members and most importantly help each other out of the mud should they get stuck. The length of the route, the pace and the amount of mud can all be varied according to your needs/wishes.


1.5 – hour session
Up to10 people – £150.​
Suitable from age 8yrs+
For availability email activities@craufurdland.co.uk

1.5 – hour session (up to 10 people) £150

Suitable from age 8yrs+

For more information and availability please email activities@craufurdland.co.uk


What to Bring – This activity takes place outdoors and in muddy trenches please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing.

You clean off by hosing down with cold water after your run.

Please ensure you are/have:

Wearing T-shirt

Wearing Leggings or shorts

Wearing Lace-up trainers

Long is hair tied back

All jewellery removed.


A bin bag to put your muddy clothes in.

A bin bag to put on your car seat

A fleecy onzie or similar to change into to keep yourself warm.




1.5 – hour session
Up to 10 people – £150.​
Suitable from age 8yrs+
For availability or more information
email activities@craufurdland.co.uk


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