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Suitable from age 10 yrs +. Max 6 per session

£25 per person – 1 hrs and 20 mins

A group session for up to 6 people is a set cost of £150.

For individuals, once 2 people have booked on a time slot it opens the session

Archery is one of the most ancient sports known to Man.  Used for over 20,000 years by man for hunting, archery (from the Latin arcus, meaning bow) is surely the ultimate outdoor sport.

Come to Craufurdland and leave as an Archer. Our beautiful grass-covered archery range, nestled in mature woodland, feels like you are going back in time, and all in the shadow of Craufurdland Castle.  Grab your Bow and Quiver and launch into Archery.

We provide fun Taster sessions that lasts approximately 1hour and 20 minutes. They are specifically aimed at those who have little or no experience in archery. In our sessions you will learn about the equipment we use and the basics of how to shoot a bow safely and effectively – you will be surprised by how quickly you will hit the target.

Why not book an archery party as a unique and inclusive way to celebrate an occasion.

Gift Cards and Vouchers for our activities are also available.

What to Bring/ Wear?

This activity takes place outdoors, in a grassy area.

Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and sturdy shoes/wellies.

Please ensure ALL jewellery from the upper body, visible or not has been removed.


Our Part partners MRM Archery provide in-depth Beginners Courses. If you want to learn more about archery as a hobby then their beginner’s course is for you. It runs over three consecutive weeks and lasts for approximately one and a half hours each week. The course will cover a range of topics such as safety, archery technique, equipment and scoring. for more information email info@mrmarchery.co.uk



From 10 years+
Group sessions:
Up to 6 people £150 for 1hr and 20 minutes.
For individuals:
Once 2 people have booked into a time slot it opens the session.- £25 per person for 1hr and 20 minsutes.

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