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Crate Stacking – What’s your limit?

Ideal team building activity to harness a culture of trust, support and encouragement.

Whether it’s for a party or corporate team-building or a youth activity it tests your sense of adventure, balance and teamwork.

The aim is to build a tower of crates as high as you can before it topples and comes crashing down. The catch is you’ll need to stand on the tower as you’re building it. The whole team is involved in building the tower and need to work together to support, lift and stack more crates for whoever is on the top to step onto.

Want to take trust to the next level – you belay your the climber. The ultimate in team cohesion as the teams’ safety is in each others’ hands.


What to Bring – This activity takes place outdoors please ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Please ensure you are wearing:

Long sleeves

Full-length trousers

Long is hair tied back

All jewellery removed


1-hour session
6-10 people – £150.​
Suitable from age 8yrs+
For more information and availability 
please email: activities@craufurdland.co.uk

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