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The Knight’s Room

This room, on the second floor of the Tower, is accessed via the spiral stairs, and would have been the ‘Laird’s Room’. This bedroom is a twin/superking room, with its own wash-hand basin, it also has a sofa bed if required.

In old drawings of the Castle, this room is known as ‘Sir Reginald’s Room’ after the father of the first laird. This room would have been used by the Laird when the tower was first built. One of the later Lairds was Sir William Craufurd, who was fundamental in the success in the siege of Creyult. William was knighted by King James I after his part in the siege of Creyult in 1423, for King Charles VII of France. Sir William was sorely wounded and taken prisoner, to be released a year later with King James I and saved the King from imprisonment. These acts lead to him being knighted and a new Royal Charter for Craufurdland. This room is named in honour of these two past knights of Craufurdland.

The various cubby holes and cupboards around this room were once part of stairs which was within the walls.

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