Natural Burial Ground


FAQ’s Craufurdland Wood – Natural Burial Ground

Q. How does Craufurdland Woods differ from other woodland/natural burial Grounds?
A. Unlike other woodland burial grounds that are in established woods or in parts of traditional cemeteries, Craufurdland Woods is a wood in the making and you choose which “native” tree is planted for this wood of the future. It was started in 2002 by Peter Craufurd, Simon and Alex’s father.

Q. Are the plots double depth?
A. They are all single depth, as your chosen “native” tree is planted on the plot, we do not want to disturb the tree at a later date as it may damage it. Adjacent plots can be reserved for loved ones.

Q. How do we arrange a funeral at Craufurdland Woods?
A. We always work very closely with your chosen Funeral Director or your family whichever you choose. In most instances we will show the family around Craufurdland Woods. We will ensure that every detail of the funeral is double checked. If we notice during the arrangement period that a tiny detail has been overlooked, we will draw it to the attention of your Funeral Director immediately.

Q. Do we need to use a funeral director?
A. Normally a funeral Director is involved to help coordinate different aspects of the funeral, however it is not essential.

Q. What type of Coffins can I have?
A. Cardboard, Pine, Bamboo, Wicker, or any other biodegradable coffin, some examples shown on the website.

Q. Do I have to buy coffins from you?
A. We can order them for you or you can get them from your funeral director.

Q. Can I be buried wrapped in a shroud?
A. Unfortunately not, as it may be distressing to your loved ones attending the service due practicalities of placing your remains into the plot.

Q. Is Craufurdland woods non-denominational?
A. We welcome all non-denominational and all denominations.

Q. Can I have a church service?
A. Yes, a service can be held before coming to Craufurdland Woods for interment. Alternatively, a service can be held by the plot, it can also be blessed.

Q. How many people can attend the service?
A. It varies anything from 2 people to over 100.

Q. Do we need an appointment to visit Craufurdland Woods?
A. Craufurdland Woods are open during daylight hours. It is advisable to make an appointment to visit if it for looking around to decide if this is for you and we can discuss with you what your exact requirements. Please note, it’s worth a quick phone call if a funeral taking place is that of a public figure and the family have asked for complete privacy.

Q. How do we mark the plot?
A. The plot can be marked with a memorial stone or slate if desired. We will supply the stone/slate and the engraving of it. Craufurdland woods memorial stone forms are available on request.

Q. If the plot is not marked how will people find it?
A. Marking the plot is personal. All plots are electronically tagged and recorded on a plan which is held at the office and we will help your loved ones locate the plot.

Q. Can we put flowers on the plot?
A. Yes of course. Cut flowers may be laid on the plot but in keeping with the woodland environment cellophane and ribbons need to be removed. When flowers start to deteriorate, one of our woodland team will remove them to keep the plot looking well cared for.

Q. Can we put anything else on the plot or tree?
A. As it is an eco woodland burial ground only biodegradable items are allowed to be placed on the plot or tree. The items also need to be in keeping with the surroundings. We encourage the planting of snow drops, daffodils Scottish blues and other native flowers.

Q. My father was cremated a few years ago but my mother wishes to be buried when she passes, can
we put my father’s ashes in her coffin
A. Yes, his ashes can be put in your mother’s coffin. It will need to be in a biodegradable container available from your Funeral Director or here at Craufurdland Woods.

Q. Can I book a pre book a plot?
A. Yes, this is a very popular option as more people are making arrangements before they pass away so their families don’t have difficult decisions to make at a time of sadness. This also ensure that your wishes are known to your loved ones.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The full cost dependents on whether it is an ashes interment or burial, however all plots are the same price to ensure that it can accommodate your chosen tree. The difference of cost is the coffin chosen and funeral services.

Q. What Payment Options do I have?
A. You can choose to pay at the time of booking or after the funeral. You can by cheque or bank transfer. For those who wish to secure a place with us in the future you can pay in advance. Please enquire at full details.

Q. Are there toilets on site?
A. Not at present. Please encourage family and friends to use facilities prior to attending the funeral. From March 18 Laird’s Table’s facilities will be available, (5 minutes drive from Craufurdland woods).

Q. Can we have the funeral service or tea at Craufurdland?
A. Personal intimate and exclusive funeral service and tea for upto 40 people can be held at The Castle. For more information please contact us at for more details.

Q. Are dogs allowed at Craufurdland woods?
A. Yes, however they must be under control or on a lead and please pick up after your dog as a respect to others.

Q. How will I know that building will not take place on the ground in the future?
A. Burial grounds are protected by the crown and the location of Craufurdland Woods was very carefully chosen, which restricts development on the site by future generations.